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South Carolina is known for its main attraction, Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach is a top family destination. There’s a lot to love about a Myrtle Beach Vacation. However, have you tried taking the roads that are less traveled? Myrtle Beach offers many activities that most have no knowledge of. If you love history, take the Plantation Island Tours. These tours will take you to discover Civil War sites along stretches of shorelines and waterways. You can also choose a guided four wheeler adventure that leads to many hidden and private beaches of the Inlet Point Plantation.

If you are a horse lover, you can also travel along the coastline on horseback for an amazing beach experience. You can also try traveling the Heritage Shores Nature Preserve. This is a nature park that provides over 7 acres of trails. Due to it being an island, it has an elevated boardwalk in order to view the native plants and wildlife.

You can also bike or walk to Pawleys Island on the Waccamaw Neck Trail. This is six miles of continuous trail with plenty of shade and flat terrain. It will lead you through natural areas with plenty of wildlife and flora. Be sure you take a look at Atalaya, a Spanish Castle where sculptor Anna Huntington once lived.

Myrtle Beach offers many popular activities for hours of family fun. Many beach visitors enjoy water sports. Myrtle Beach offers many different types of water sports. Shawn’s Back Water Adventure gives visitors the chance to experience the wild side of South Carolina. At Shawn’s Back Water Adventure you can rent jet skis and take a ride through South Carolina’s backwaters. Here on the backwaters, you can access places only a jet ski can reach. Enjoy an adrenaline filled ride and view everything South Carolina has to offer.

While South Carolina is beautiful and full of many adventurous activities, accidents do happen. No matter if you are riding a jet ski, parasailing, or just walking on the beach there will always be risks. You do not want your vacation to be ruined because of paying out of pocket for an injury. You need to be sure you are covered with health insurance, always. Having coverage today is important. With higher medical costs it is hard to pay for medical treatment out of your pocket. You need to be sure you have excellent coverage. You may ask, how can I find coverage that is right for me? The average price of health coverage in South Carolina is 2,900. The correct way to find coverage is to shop and compare South Carolina health insurance quotes. Here at Insurance Quote Deals, we will do the shopping for you. We pull in South Carolina health insurance quotes from all major companies and present you with the results. That way you can find the right policy for you.



South Carolina Attractions to Visit



Columbia is South Carolina’s capital. It has a population of 133,300. In the capital, you will find many top attractions. The South Carolina State Museum is the largest and most comprehensive museum in the entire state. It is four museums into one. That includes art, history, science and technology. The museum also has the largest digital dome planetarium. Inside the museum includes four floors of exhibits, an interactive theater, and an observatory.



Charleston is home to Fort Sumter. Fort Sumter is the site where the Civil War began. Here you can explore the grounds where the 1st shot of the Civil War was fired. You will also learn about the events leading to the war. Be sure to walk the steps of America’s heroes.


Mount Pleasant

Patriots Point is a must see in Mount Pleasant. Patriots Point is a museum and also has a fleet of National Historic Landmark ships. Patriot Point preserves the living history of the bravest men and women of our nation. It is one of the top tourist attractions in the state. Patriots Point is home to USS Yorktown, USS Laffey, and the USS Clamagore.



Falls Park is one of Greenville’s Greatest Treasures. The park is a place for people to work, play and celebrate. The park’s most popular feature is the pedestrian bridge that takes a curve around a waterfall on the Reedy River. This bridge gives an unobstructed view of the falls.



Summerville is home to Colonial Dorchester. This historic site is located on Ashley River where the town of Dorchester once stood. Old Dorchester State Park a 325-acre park. It offers visitors a look into the Colonial past. The park also has the best well-preserved oyster shell tabby forts in the country.



Here in Sumter, you will find the Shaw Air Force Base.  This base is one of the largest military bases in the United States. It is also one of two bases that have an active railroad line. This base is named after Lieutenant Ervin David Shaw. David Shaw was one of the first Americans to fly a combat mission in World War I. David was a Sumter native. He died after he was attacked in his Bristol F2B.

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