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Oregon has the most scenic byways and tour routes than any other state in the United States. You can view a lot of beautiful scenery from behind the wheel of your car. One is the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway. The Pacific Coast is over 360 miles long. The coast showcases all of Oregon’s delights. Coastal communities shine with character, are inviting to guests, and some are dedicated to the fishing scene. In addition, the coast offers plenty of public land for outdoor activities. As a result, it is considered one of the best Oregon attractions.


The Pacific Coast Byway begins in Astoria. This city started as a fur trading post. This city is the oldest immigrant settlement west of the Rocky Mountains. You can detour out and experience the coast’s beaches for yourself. Next, stop by Fort Stevens State Park and view the Columbia Bar. The Columbia Bar is the Columbia River, meeting with the Pacific Ocean. Also nearby is Fort Clatsop, the fort recreates the adventures of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


The Pacific Byway then heads inward at Garibaldi. Well known for fishing and kayaking is Garibaldi. The city of Tillamook offers a self-guided tour and sampling of cheese at the Tillamook Cheese Factory. Lincoln City also brings kite flyers, surfers, hikers, and tourists to the breezy beaches. You will find the fishing town of Depoe Bay as you travel along the coast. Depoe Bay is known as the smallest navigable harbor in the entire world. Many fishing boats and whale watchers take off from the beach into the Pacific. Visitors have claimed to see many gray whales here, as many whales migrate along the coast.


The coast then proceeds on to Newport and Coos Bay. The city of Newport sits on the Yaquina Bay. Located on the Yaquina Bay is the Yaquina Bay Lighthouse. The Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is the last standing wooden lighthouse in Oregon. Visitors here can walk to the shops and restaurants along Nye Beach. Across from the bay, visitors can see the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the Hatfield Marine Science Center across the bay. The aquarium is considered one of the critical resources for education in the entire state.


The Pacific Byway then takes a dip inland and approaches the city of Florence. In Florence, fishing boats and historic buildings lie along the Siuslaw River. Once you are across the Siuslaw Bridge, the coast will give way to high dunes and sandy beaches. Visitors will see dune buggy tours, ATV tours, and sandboarding equipment rentals if you travel to the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.


Coos Bay is Oregon’s largest coastal city. Coos Bay is known for commercial and recreational fishing, crabbing, and clamming. The next stop on the byway is Port Orford. Port Orford is a beautiful fishing harbor and also designates the start of the Wild Rivers Coast Scenic Byway.


Anything can happen on road trips. It is essential to be covered against risks. You would want to be prepared if an accident, injury, or other medical emergency occurred. The average cost of health insurance in Oregon is $2,300. Doctor visits can be expensive. Especially trips to the emergency room. Bills add up quickly when you aren’t insured with Oregon health insurance coverage. It is a law in the United States to have health insurance. If any policy does not cover you, you will receive a fine at the end of the year.


Look no further if you need help searching for the best Oregon health insurance quotes. First, compare at least 3 Oregon health insurance quotes from three companies. By completing the comparison process, you can save on the policy of your choice. The next step is to review the company’s ratings and reviews. You may find an approach that is right for you, but the company shows terrible reviews. This could lead to terrible customer service. Finally, keep in mind the type of coverage that is best beneficial to you. By completing the steps above, you are on your way to receiving the best savings.


Oregon’s Star Stops



One famous attraction in Portland is the Pittock Mansion. Built-in 1914 is the Pittock Mansion. Inside you will find a rich history and remarkable stories. Henry Pittock owned the mansion. Henry Pittock was the owner of the Oregonian newspaper. Portland now owns this beautiful estate. The villa today is open to the public as a historic house museum.



In Salem, you will see the well-known attraction Antique Powerland. The Antique Powerland opened in 1970. The purpose of the museum is to educate the public about early machines. Also, to help better understand the history of technology in which modern machines, vehicles, and farm equipment are used. Antique Powerland is a collection of museums, some indoor and others outdoor. The property also trains visitors to ride to experience all the features.



Eugene is home to the Museum of Natural and Cultural History. Oregon’s central place for publicly owned collections can be found in the museum. This museum was created in 1935. It was named the Oregon State Museum of Anthropology and Museum of Natural History. The MNCH is home to ethnographic and archaeological objects, many fossils, and different types of biological specimens from Oregon.



Located in Hillsboro is the Washington County Museum. The mission of this museum is to preserve the city’s history and surrounding areas. Inside exhibitions consist of arts, humanities, and sciences. The residents of Washington County have unique records in the United States. The museum works hard to preserve the city’s heritage and engage others in its collection and exhibits.



The city of Beaverton is home to many outdoor recreations. In addition, the city is known for public parks within half a mile of every home in the neighborhood. No matter which direction you go to the town of Beaverton, you will see the beautiful scenery of Oregon. If you travel west, a 90-minute drive, you will be at the beautiful scenic Oregon Coast.



One of Bend’s nicknames is Beer Town USA. The mountain town of Bend is home to almost 83,000 people. The city of Bend is home to world-class breweries. Bend has more breweries per capita than any other city in Oregon. While hitting all these breweries may be on your list of to-dos, remember to be responsible. The city also provides tour operators that help visitors by providing a ride by bus, town car, or horse-drawn carriage. Most breweries are located within walking distance of downtown if you prefer to walk.



Medford is home to the Rogue Valley River. The Rogue River is the most beautiful feature of the area. Medford offers many different ways to enjoy the river. You can raft, fish, or take a swim in the river. The river itself does not run through the city.

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