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Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Quotes

Massachusetts is the most populous state in New England. It is bordered by the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York. Massachusetts offers many different geographical features. These include activities such as skiing in the Berkshire Mountains or taking a beach vacation on the beaches of Cape Cod. Western Massachusetts consists of the most mountainous area. Due to this, this area has many ski resorts full of different mountain sports. The Cape Cod Region of Massachusetts is a giant peninsula. A large portion of Cape Cod is home to beaches, lighthouses, freshwater ponds and trails. Cape Cod is an ideal family vacation spot. However, if you are looking to get away from the city visit central Massachusetts. The Central region of Massachusetts offers many farms and small town activities.

The northern region of Boston, Massachusetts include the towns Salem, Gloucester, Newburyport, Marblehead, and Lowell. The city of Salem brings in thousands of people in October due to the town’s history. In 1692, the town of Salem experienced one of America’s infamous cases, the Salem witch trials. The Salem witch trials were hearings and prosecutions of people who were accused of witchcraft. These trials resulted in the executions of 20 people, 14 of which were women. There are over 500 original documents about the Salem witch trials. These documents are stored in the Peabody Essex Museum today.



Massachusetts Homeowners Insurance Quotes Comparison


To determine which homeowners insurance is the cheapest. Insurance quotes were received from three well-known insurance companies. These companies were Amica, Progressive, and Liberty Mutual. We also used a sample 2,200 square foot home. After comparing quotes from all three companies,  Amica offered the cheapest average annual premium at $685. This rate is 70% lower than the most expensive average from Liberty Mutual.

If you are looking for the best homeowners rates in Massachusetts, you must know which cities offer the cheapest rates. The cheapest cities are all located in the eastern portion of the state. These cities are also located 26 miles from Boston. The city of Everett had the lowest rates, quoted 65% lower than the state average.

The most expensive rates in the state of Massachusetts are found on Cape Cod. Cape Cod is a peninsula filled with vacation towns and beaches. These places have rates that are more than twice the cost of the state average. Studies have also shown that rates in the most expensive place on the mainland were 83% higher than those in the cheapest place.

When searching for your Massachusetts home insurance quotes, be sure to compare. It is best to compare up to 3 different homeowners insurance quotes. In addition, you can receive the best home insurance Massachusetts rates available for you.


Massachusetts Attractions



Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts. The city of Boston has an estimated population of 668,000. One famous attraction in Boston is the Paul Revere House. This house is one of the oldest buildings in Boston today. This house is also a national historic landmark. On the night of April 18, 1775, Revere left this house to alert the approach of British forces before the battle of Lexington and Concord. Massachusetts homeowners insurance quotes here will cost an estimated $1,100.



The city of Worcester received its name from the England town of Worcester. This city is the second largest in New England. The nickname given to this city is “Heart of the Commonwealth”, therefore the symbol of the city is a heart shape. The first Valentine’s Day card traditions also began here. This could also contribute to the heart-shaped symbol. Coverage for your home in this city is an estimated $1,298.



Located on the eastern bank of the Connecticut River is the city of Springfield. This city is surrounded by mountains and rolling hills. Therefore, Springfield is home to 4 square miles of urban parkway. If you are visiting the town of Springfield, be sure to visit the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame holds over two hundred and fifty inductees and 40,000 square feet of the history of basketball. If you want to completely cover your home, the estimated annual premium is $1,100.



The cradle of the Industrial Revolution is the city of Lowell. This is because of the cities many textile mills and factories. One attraction Lowell offers is the Lowell National Historical Park. Lowell also offers many historic experiences.  Take a tour of the Boott Cotton Mills Museum and the Mill Girls & Immigrants Exhibit. These tours give visitors an inside look at the life of the mills. Massachusetts homeowners insurance quotes in this area are an estimated $1,200 yearly.


New Bedford

New Bedford is the sixth largest city in Massachusetts. This city is well known for its nickname “The Whaling City”. New Bedford received this nickname because it is the most important whaling port in the world. One famous attraction in New Bedford is the Nathan and Polly Johnson House. The Nathan and Polly Johnson House is considered a historic landmark due to its role in the Underground Railroad. Fredrick Douglas’ first free home was also located here. The Nathan and Polly Johnson House conducts tours seasonally for visitors.  To receive the best coverage for your home in New Bedford, the annual premium is $1,265.



The city of Brockton is infamous for its native boxers, Rocky Marciano and Marvin Hagler. Therefore, this city is referred to as the “City of Champions”. The city also holds a 20-foot statue of Rocky Marciano, the undefeated heavyweight boxer. If you want to see this statue, it is located in Champion Park.  The average cost of home coverage in this city is $1,725 per year.



Quincy is home to the United States’ first commercial railroad. Because of this, the city was home to a thriving granite industry. Visitors here should also check out Adams National Historical Park. In addition, this park features the birthplaces of two presidents and the summer white house. Massachusetts homeowners insurance quotes here will annually cost almost $900.

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