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West Virginia, “The Mountain State” the home of the Appalachian Mountains. This state is covered with rivers and other various natural landscapes. While these rivers and other landscapes are beautiful to live near, think of the damages that can occur by living so close to them.


West Virginia residents purchasing a home should understand all the costs associated with their home purchase. Did you know that the general cost of your insurance is based on your location? Studies have shown that an average quote for a home of 2,000 square-feet in WV is $1110. However, the price can vary around 50% from the least expensive to most expensive place. Read below to find out more about West Virginia homeowners insurance quotes.


Do you know where the most expensive homeowners insurance is? Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for a policy in this state. The most expensive cities are all in the Western part of West Virginia. Why? These expensive home insurance prices are due to lack of access to the main water lines. This causes a hazard to firefighters as it makes their job harder to do. This safety issue will also greatly increase the risk of a fire completely destroying your home or causing more damage than a house located close to the water line. These factors are accounted for by insurers.

RankCityAverage Annual PremiumChange vs State Average


Are you curious about who provides the cheapest homeowners insurance in West Virginia? We all are!  Allstate, State Farm, Nationwide, and Amica insurance quotes were compared to a home of 2,000 square feet. Who provided the cheapest rate? Coming in first place, Amica with an average annual rate of $521 for the sample property above. Our second place winner was State Farm with an annual price of $1128. In order to decide the best annual rates for your home, shop and compare multiple companies.


Finally, affordable homeowners insurance WV residents can afford! Be sure to carefully shop online for West Virginia homeowners insurance and grab that affordable policy!


Homeowners insurance in WV – City Rates



Charleston is the capital and largest city in West Virginia. Population: 51,400 people. The West Virginia salt brines were found here beside the Kanawha River, which helped prosper Charleston’s economy.



Huntington, population of 49,138 people. Huntington was the second city in the country to adopt electric streetcars following San Francisco.



The first public school for blacks became organized here in 1862. It was the first school south of the Mason-Dixon Line.  This city also emerged as a major oil refinery serving nearby oilfields at Volcano and Burning Springs. The Population of Parkersburg is 31,492 making it the third largest city in WV.



Morgantown is the largest North-Central city in West Virginia. Population of 30,066, this city is well-known as the home of West Virginia University. The city also built a transit system in the city, the Morgantown Personal Rapid Transit, which has been in use since 1975.



This is WV’s fifth biggest city. One of the first suspension bridges in the world was built in Wheeling in November 1849. The average cost to insure your home in this city is about $954 per year.



This small village, was once called Holliday’s Cove. The city is now known as Weirton, founded in 1793. Popular culture about Weirton included a photo essay, “Weir’s Weirton, in an issue of Life on September 13, 1937.


Weirton Heights

WV’s seventh largest city. Weirton Heights is in the northern panhandle in WV. Population of this town is 19,450.



This city is well known for Fairmont University. The university receives an enrollment rate of around 4,500 students. The Country Club Bakery is the home of the original pepperoni roll.



Famous tourist attractions in this town include: Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine and Tamarack. The exhibition coal mine is preserved and offers tours and history lessons on coal mining. The Tamarack is a museum of Appalachian arts and crafts. The cost to build this was 10 million. City population is 17,614.


Martinsburg was the center of the railroad industry. The great railroad strike of 1877 began in this city and spread nationwide.  This town consists of 17,227 people, which makes it the largest city in the Eastern Panhandle. WV homeowners insurance that is affordable can be found easily online. All it takes is some carefully planning.



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