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The state of Ohio stretches from the Ohio River, the Appalachian Mountains and to Lake Erie. Ohio is the home of many explorers. It has been a place to call home all throughout history. Ohio is very passionate regarding its history. Therefore this state is full of historic attractions. Start off your journey by taking a trip to the American Civil War Museum. This Civil War museum will teach you all about the Civil War and Ohio’s role. This museum is for all ages. It offers exhibits, a library, gift shops, and hands-on activities too.

Ohio even provides Amish tours for those who are curious about the Amish way of life. These tours take place in Geauga and Holmes County. Here you will be able to tour the second largest Amish settlement in Ohio.

Want to see some fascinating history? Check out the Buckeye Telephone Museum. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876. He did this by running wires between two rooms. This museum focuses on a grand collection of telephones from the past. Original phone lines were made originally of steel wire. However, many wire combinations have been used throughout the years.


Make sure you stop at Alum Creek State Park. This park is close to Ohio’s capital. At the state park, you can hike on over 9.5 miles of trails. You can even experience horseback riding, if you bring your own horse. The park provides over 38 miles of trails to take. If mountain biking is more your thing, there are trails for that as well.  Alum Creek Lake offers visitors a sandy swimming beach. Boating is permitted here, fishing too.

Ohio is not known for having devastating weather. However, in the past, it has been known for earthquakes. Over 30 earthquakes have occurred in Ohio between 2002 and 2007. The worst earthquake to have occurred in Ohio is the Anna earthquake.

Weather conditions have a big impact on homeowners insurance. You may be wondering, where can I find the best Ohio homeowners insurance quotes? You can find the best rates in the Northeastern part of the state. This is because of the low crime rates. You can find the most expensive rates in the southern section of the state. The southern cities have experienced the highest number of claims due to bad weather and crime.


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Ohio’s Best Attractions



No matter where you go in Columbus, you will always find something fun and exciting. Visit the Short North Arts District. Here you will experience the art Columbus has to offer. The Short North Arts District is a popular cultural and business community. On the first Saturday of the month, the famous Gallery Hop is held here . This is the best art event in all of Ohio. It is a must visit if you are an art lover.



Here in Cleveland, you will find the famous A Christmas Story House. Fans of this loving, holiday classic movie can see the home of the Parker Family. In 2006, this house was opened to the public. Later on, two houses across the street were renovated as a gift shop and a museum dedicated to A Christmas story. The museum showcases original props, costumes, and behind the scene photos from the movie.



Cincinnati is famous for the Contemporary Arts Center. Three local women founded this museum in 1939. Once inside the museum you will see displays of contemporary art. The Contemporary Arts Center focuses on people discovering the relationship between art and life. The museum is three floors of changing exhibits and family-friendly exhibits.



Toledo is home to the Toledo Zoo. The first animal added to this zoo is the woodchuck. Due to this generous offer, the zoo grew rapidly after the donation of the woodchuck. The Toledo zoo is now one of the finest zoological institutions in the nation and is the region’s number one attraction. The zoo also leads in animal conservation.



The Akron Police museum holds police memorabilia from the past. If you are a fan of police memorabilia this museum is a must see. Some examples of memorabilia are photos, weapons, uniforms and additional artifacts from an over 150-year police history.



Dayton Ohio is home to the National Museum of the US Air Force. This museum is the largest military museum in the world. It is also the oldest military aviation museum as well. The museum features over 350 aerospace vehicles and missiles. You can also see thousands of artifacts and view over 18 acres of indoor exhibits.

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