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Georgia is a state located in the southeastern United States. This state was formed in 1733. Georgia became the fourth state to ratify the US constitution. It is well known to visitors as the Peach State. The capital city is Atlanta. Atlanta is also known as the “global city”. This is due to the city being an important node in the global economic system. Georgia is bordered to the south by Florida, the Atlantic Ocean, South Carolina, and Alabama, Tennessee, and North Carolina.

Located in the northern section of the state is the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains form the eastern front of the Appalachian Mountains. The Blue Ridge Mountains span across the states of Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Georgia is the largest state east of the Mississippi River by land area.


Georgia is also home to many popular attractions.  The Old Governor’s Mansion was the home to many Georgia governors from 1839 and onward. The Old Governor’s Mansion was a National Historic Landmark. It is known for its Greek architecture and association with national important events. The house is open for tours. However, the Curator’s Tour provides an up-close look at the mansion and its complete restoration. Visitors will be able to see areas that are not seen in the regular tours.


The Grand Opera House is another famous attraction. The Grand Opera House is a performing arts center and a premier historic theater. It is also the only presenter of professional theater in the mid-state. The theater holds 1,030 seats. Visitors to the state also enjoy the Pirates’ House. The Pirates House has welcomed visitors to the state capital since 1753.  The house provided delicious food and drink and the promise of a great time. You will find the Pirates’ House located on a block in the city of Savannah. The house first opened as an inn for seafarers. It then quickly grew into a popular rendezvous spot for pirates and sailors from beyond the seven seas. Presently today, the Pirates’ House is a top spot for food. There are also 15 separate dining rooms and each showcases its own charm.


Georgia is a great place to visit. You can travel to see the Blue Ridge Mountains or the many other popular attractions. While traveling through the beautiful state of Georgia, it is important to have car coverage. Georgia auto insurance quotes rates in Georgia cities vary. If you are looking to receive auto insurance quotes, keep these tips in mind.


In order to find the cheapest Georgia auto insurance quotes, there are many factors to take into consideration. Car insurance is very dependent of where the customer lives, drives, and where the car is parked. When shopping for your auto insurance quote, be sure to receive quotes from over 3 major companies.  By comparing 3 or more online auto insurance quotes georgia residents collect, you will find the overall best deal for you. Also, remember driving history comes into factor when receiving quotes. If you have a history of accidents or tickets, expect higher rates. The city of Atlanta is known to have the most expensive rates in the state. The average rate for Atlanta auto insurance is an estimated $1,500.



Tourist’s Favorite Georgia Cities



If you are traveling to the state’s capital, be sure to visit the Zoo Atlanta. Zoo Atlanta is home to over 1,300 animals. These animals represent more than 200 species from around the world. The only twin pandas in the United States are here at the zoo. In 2015, the zoo also opened the Scaly Slimy Spectacular, which is an exhibit for amphibian and reptile experience. The zoo’s Asian forest is home to the largest zoological collection or orangutans. Also, the Ford African Rain Forest houses the nation’s largest collection of gorillas. If you are looking at auto insurance quotes here in the capital, it is an estimated $1,500.



Columbus offers tons of venues with world-class entertainment. Visitors will learn about the history of the foot soldier, the Civil War, and prisoners of war. This is due to Columbus being home to nationally acclaimed museums. Visitors in the city will also be reminded of historic times in the Columbus Historical District. The Columbus Historical District showcases brick streets, ancient oaks, and homes. Auto insurance rates in this city annually are $1,300.



The city of Savannah is a great city to visit at any time of year. The city provides many activities for tourists as well. The city’s activities consist of architectural tours, music, food festivals, art exhibits, and Civil War reenactments. The city is pedestrian friendly and displays an urban design too. Be sure to plan your visit here soon. The city of Savannah’s auto insurance rates is $1,200 yearly.



Most people know Athens as the home to R.E.M. Athens was named by the Rolling Stone as the number one college music scene in the United States. Also in the city, you will find the University of Georgia. The University of Georgia is home to the Georgia Bulldogs. The city is also known as the “classic city of the south”. This city is perfect to plan a romantic getaway as well. This is due to the many types of restaurants and activities the city provides. Auto insurance in this beautiful city runs an estimated of $1,100 yearly.


 Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs is just minutes from downtown Atlanta. It offers visitors the convenience of just being minutes away from the capital. In the town of Sandy Spring, there are many attractions to visit. First, the Anne Frank in the World exhibit. This is a powerful exhibit that gives visitors the chance to learn, explore, share, and remember the many lessons taught by the Holocaust. In this exhibit, you will view over 450 photographs that tell the story of Anne Frank’s life. Also be sure to visit the Breman Museum. The Breman Museum is the home of the exhibition Absence of Humanity: Holocaust Years. This exhibit showcases southern Jewish history along with other rotating exhibits. Therefore the average cost of an auto insurance quote here in the city is $1,000.



Here in Macon, you can experience the state’s largest collection of African American history. Macon has been home to many honorable African Americans. This includes musical artists that broke racial barriers in the once popular music industry. This city provides over 20 African American historical sites. Visitors can start off by taking a tour of the Tubman museum. The Tubman museum showcases African American art, culture, and history. Auto insurance rates in this city cost $1,250 annually.

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