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Florida is known as the sunshine state. So it only makes sense that Florida is the best place to go driving with the top down! However, it is as equally as important to have proper Florida car insurance. Did you know that the state of Florida is home to the highest number of the uninsured drivers? The fact that the state has almost double the number of uninsured drivers in the entire country is just scary. It is crucial to be aware of the insurance quotes Florida motorists need!






No fault Florida


The state of Florida is a no-fault state. The term no-fault means that after the accident your medical expenses could possibly be covered by your own insurer no matter who caused the crash. No fault coverage can also be referred to as personal injury protection.


As mentioned above, no-fault will cover your hospital bills and even your passenger’s medical bills if injured in an auto accident. After an accident (that is covered), no-fault will help you pay for these things:



No fault coverage does have a coverage limit. This is the maximum amount that your insurer will pay for a claim.


It is also important to know what isn’t covered by your no fault insurance. Below will list what is not covered:


You may find out that you need some additional coverages in order to be protected out on the roads in Florida. By collecting insurance quotes Florida drivers really want, you too will be able to receive the best coverage out there.



Teen drivers in FL?


Do you have a teenager at home? Do they drive? Did you know that Florida law requires all teenager drivers to receive their licenses in phases? Due to this, teen drivers will have a set curfew and special restrictions for passengers during certain times.


If you want Florida auto insurance, you will need to collect some quotes. When it comes to insurance quotes Florida teen drivers need, grabbing them online is the best method.


Why collect quotes?


Quotes are a very important part of the insurance process. They will be your guideline during your coverage search. Look at it like this, quotes are an estimated premium with a company. Therefore it is important to collect as many as possible, in order to compare major companies.


Collecting the quotes that you need is a simple process. You may decide to browse around Google and browse your options there. It’s as simple as typing in “insurance quotes in Florida”. From there, you may visit official company sites.


Remember for each company site you visit, you will want to collect a quote. Let’s say your goal is to check out five companies, you will need to fill out a form individually from each company to receive your quotes.


This form will include questions about yourself and your vehicle. For example, your name, age, and martial information will be required. Along with information about your vehicle, like the year, make, model, and the VIN number.


Time-consuming, right? Thankfully can help you save time. If you want to receive instant quotes from top insurance companies, they can provide you with what you need. Fill out only one form and receive multiple online insurance quotes Florida residents love!

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