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It may not be required for you to purchase boat insurance. However, it’s crucial to fully protect your boat and passengers from disaster. If you want dependable coverage for your boat at a budget-friendly price, along with fantastic support, you are in the right place! Here at Insurance Quote Deals, we want our boaters on the water enjoying their boats.


Before your next big boating adventure, be sure you are covered with the best boating coverage found right here. To receive your quotes simply enter your information and click the button. You will then receive the best deals on boating insurance quotes in real time!



Why do I need boat insurance?


Boat coverage is not required by law in most states. Be sure to check with the DMV for requirements in your area. Aside from your state, others may require you to purchase coverage for your boat. This may include if you have taken out a loan to buy your boat. Your lender may require you to insure the boat to protect against the risk of loss or damage. Also, many marinas require proof of insurance before allowing you to dock your boat.



The easiest boat insurance quotes on the web


Here is the information you will need handy when receiving boat insurance quotes here at Insurance Quote Deals. Be sure to have the make, model, and condition of the boat you wish to cover. Also, include the names of anyone you want to be covered too. You will also need to provide the most recent information on the current insurer. Be sure to list valuables that will be stored on the boat as well. This will help with your settlement in case your belongings are stolen or damaged.



Types of Boat Insurance Coverage


You have specialized needs as a boater. We understand your needs and will help out answering questions about what the different boat insurance types protect, so you can find a policy that’s right for you. Let’s review boat coverage types below.




Boating Safety Tips


We want our boaters to be safe out on the water. It is important to know about boating safety. By knowing these safety tips, you can ensure you will be safe while out on the water. No matter how much experience you have, it’s always a great idea for you to review boating safety rules before departure. Here are the 10 basic safety tips to stay safe.


  1. Be aware of the weather: Always be sure to check local weather before departing out on your boat. Keep in mind tv and radio forecasts are a good source of information. If you are out and notice dark clouds, rough winds, or a major temperature drop, get off the water.
  2.  Follow a checklist before boat departure: Following a pre-departure checklist is the best way to make sure no boating rules have been overlooked.
  3. Use common sense: Use your common sense. This includes operating your boat at a safe speed, staying alert, and steering clear of large vessels and watercraft.
  4. Use life Jackets: A majority of drowning victims do not wear their life jackets. Be sure your family and friends are all wearing a life jacket before departure.
  5. Learn how to swim: If you are going to be in and around water it is best to learn how to swim. Many agencies offer free lessons.


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